Broken phone Broken Spirit

Last week I attended a gender reveal party and unwittingly broke my phone. When it happened I couldn't believe that my screen was cracked in the worst way and before I let my emotions ruin the entire moment for myself and my friends, I had to pull myself to the side * in my head * and CHECK MYSELF! I mean, was about to let a broken phone screen, a mere piece of glass cause me to miss a rare moment in a woman's life? Was it that big of a deal? I was not about to be the 30 year old BABY crying over "spilled milk" (my now broken phone) at someone else's event . Who does that?!?!?!

Sometimes my emotions completely take me over and I lose focus of whatever is in front of me and direct all of my attention on whatever just hurt me physically or LEGIT just hurt my feelings. Whether it be a rejection from a job, a person or torn relationship, nature, or in this case ...A very thin broken piece of glass which USED to be a shiny spankin new phone screen.

After taking a few deep breaths and reassessing the situation I decided not to let my emotions get the best of me and make a quick mental list of things to YET be thankful for even in my moment of despair:

1. My phone was still working

2. I was able to still take pictures

3. I was able to still make phone calls

4. I did not DIE! *definitely trumps all of the above *

So there was no reason for me to lose my head over a broken phone screen! It was in that moment that I started to feel like my phone....not just the broken phone screen is a representation of me...a representation of many of us if your honest and open to the idea.

We may be broken, with bumps and bruises all over us outside and in. We may have shattered once or twice, but we are still have purpose. We are still ALIVE! We are still functioning. We are still doing what we have to do and we are still above ground. Just like my cracked phone, WE STILL WORK! This is just another reminder that nothing and no one-- even a broken phone screen...CAN'T STOP MY PRETTY!

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