Every Girl needs a *Back Pocket Look*  Here is one we all can share!

There is always a day in your life when you have to be somewhere important, punctual, and well put together. It's so easy to throw your outfit together in your head, pick your shoes,purse, and accessories like it's nothing,  even before you get out of bed. However, when it comes to your face, there is always the real fact that you actually have to take the time to do it.  You shouldn't just throw your blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick on the same way you would throw a sweater, pants, and blazer on. The results would definitely not be the same. There must always be a level of finesse when it comes to your makeup. I rely on this BACK POCKET look HEAVILY and I know my supporters can too!  So here you have it! A quick and flawless look that you can do in 15-20 minutes that will get you feeling fabulous looking good and out the door in no time. Remember the more you practice the faster you will be so don't give up if it's taking you longer than expected.  We all have to crawl before we walk.  It takes time! 

You can see this look is nothing but natural beauty. Even though I'm still wearing a full-face of make-up it doesn't take me as much time because I'm only using a small amount of products. To help me speed myself up,  I always start off with my complexion when I'm trying to get out of the house faster. Once my Foundation is on,  I fill in my eyebrows, line my eyes, put some lash glue on my lashes and let them dry(45secs-1min).  While that's happening,  I move on to my blush/contour and lips. By the time I finish applying lipstick or cheek colors,  my eyelashes are tacky and ready to be applied. A little touch of mascara on my lashes and I am ready to go. You can see you're able to get a Flawless look without wearing tons of makeup and you will be on your way out of the door in no time. This is definitely a back pocket look that we all can use love and share.

Until Next time...

Stay Pretty 💋

Product List

* Foundation : Makeup Force UHD #Y535


*Powder: Make Up For Ever Pro Finish #175

* Brows: MUFE AQUA BROW #30

Highlight: MAC Studio Finish concealer #NC45

(under brow and under eye highlight) 

*Nicka K beauty gel pencil in black

*INGLOT get liner #77

*Lips: MAC liner in CHESTNUT / lipstick in NATURALLY TRANSFORMED / plush glass in FULFILLED

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