My new love ❤ Make Up For Ever travel case is amazing!

For so many years of my professional career I have been trying to find the right fit when it comes to travel cases. Makeup artist have tons of products but we definitely don't need them all for every job. It is crucial to find the right travel case to secure the products you love and get from A to B without broken bottles and loose glitter flying everywhere. 

I have been a long time customer of MUFE and yet again they have made my life easier. This travel case is small and equip and holds so many products easily. 

I am able to work right out of the case without having to unpack tons on products just to repack them 30-45 minutes later. 

Take a look!

It is small and compact but opens up to nothing but space and opportunity.  Even if you aren't a pro, this case would be amazing for you to travel with and keep tucked away in your room to save space. Pull it out when you need it and it is always stocked and ready! You'll be able to track what your using better, switch out colors and products as needed, and always stay ready to go at the drop of a hat. 

Once I got home I had to fill it up. I haven't gone back to my larger case ever since. 

If you are like me and need law and order to your makeup life INVEST in a case ! You can find this one and many more of my favorites at the MAKE UP FOR EVER studio located in Union Square, 8 East 12th Street, New York, NY.

Until next time.....

Stay Pretty 💋

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