No excuses in 2017! If the gym isn't your thing download this app NOW! *NIKE Training Club*

Working out has never and I do mean NEVER been a MUST for me. If it happens great, if it doesn't.... no worries. My life is a WORKOUT! However, now that I have hit 30 and dropped basically half my body weight, it is IMPERATIVE I tighten things up! 

As important as staying active and in shape is, it is extremely difficult for me to find the motivation to get up out and in the gym. I can talk myself out of doing almost anything so working out consistently has always been a struggle. I'll say "I'll go in an hour" and that almost always turns into 3 or 4! Or I'll say "I'll go this evening, I don't have to go right now ".... Trust me....I never get there. 

There is absolutely no reason I should be slacking in an area that is only going to make me feel and look amazing, so to help me stick to my guns I have decided to go back to free workout apps! My absolute favorite one at the moment is the NIKE TRAINING CLUB app. I feel like I'm really doing something even in the confines of my bedroom! You can pick targeted workouts for your body and workout on your schedule. 

Yesterday was super duper cold and I wasn't trying to spend 1 second outside the warmth of my home. I was 2 seconds away from dropping my gym bag and putting back on my PJ's until I remembered "I made a plan for my day...To do better" I couldn't let the weather stop me. I opened up my NIKE TRAINING CLUB APP and got to work! 2 workouts and 30 minutes later I was a sweaty mess and I couldn't be happier. 

Don't let PROCRASTINATION deter you from getting your workouts in. Even if it's 5 minutes in the morning and 15 at night. Just do it! A little bit goes along way so stick to it. 

Download the app 

Stop the excuses 

Get snatched in 2017!

Until next time 

Stay pretty 💋

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