Sanctuary ready in less than 20! FACEBOOK LIVE product list included!

First let me start off by shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I am looking forward to a year of CHANGE and PROGRESS and I pray the same happens for you too in a POSITIVE way! Life is too short for the negativity so let's stay encouraged inspired and PRETTY through it all!

Thanks to all who joined in for my LIVE video this morning! It was the first one done on my Business Facebook page and definitely not the last. Be sure to LIKE/FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date in the future. Visit as soon as you finish this post !

Now let's get to the look......

As usual my Sundays start with a 630am wake up to get to church by 745am. At that time I am never interested in makeup, but I've been feeling really dark and heavy under my eyes lately so I decided to put a light cover on my complexion.

After the 1st service ended, I felt awake enough and energized from the service, I wanted to come home and get my hands in my makeup and connect with the people. Exploring the world of makeup art makes my heart smile from ear to ear and I wanted to share a piece of the joy and energy with you too.

As you can see my Sanctuary Ready look is very minimal. Since I already had on complexion from the 1st service all I wanted to add was a little more definition to my face. I did that by adding product to my BROWS, EYELINE/LASHES, CHEEKS, and LIPS.

Now I realize after typing the actual words, it seems like a lot but trust me, when I'm actively applying them it goes by in 1 2 3!

Here's a look at the products used.

Product List:

  • MUFE STEP1 primer : CARAMEL

  • MUFE UHD liquid foundation #Y535

  • MUFE Water Blend foundation #Y520

  • MUFE PRO FINISH powder #175




  • MUFE Artist Liner: Purple I-90

  • Absolute eyeliner: Black

  • MUFE lash fibers

  • Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Mascara

  • Mac prolongwear lip liner: BE SPOKEN FOR

  • MAC Lipstick: Nouvelle Vogue

  • Mac studio finish concealer(Brow highlight): NW45

  • MUFE: Aqua Brow #30

  • MUFE: Lab shine Gloss #D8

It took me about 15-20 minutes to jazz my look up in between services and I still had time for a cup of tea and a mini "selfie"-shoot before I hit the road. As with anything, the more you practice it the less time you will spend on it. So don't be intimidated, just PLAY! Try something new everyday and I promise you will find something that STICKS and works for you!

It doesn't matter if you use 5 products 10 products or ZERO products, nothing can ever stop your PRETTY!!!!!

Until next time 💋

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