Eyeshadow constantly fading? EYE PRIMER is the answer to your prayers!

 There is a misconception that primer is only needed for the face and nowhere else. OR the same primer used on the face can be used everywhere else as well. Now this may be true for some versatile high end brands but in general, THERE IS A PRIMER FOR THAT! "THAT" being your eyes, lips, face, and even lashes!!!! 

I am here to tell you the misconception is a LIE and the truth will not only set you free but also keep your products on for hours!

PRIMER is one of the main products I live by as a professional artist. Without it , I doubt myself or my clients would be able to rip and run throughout their days without the makeup sliding right off. So I had to share with you all why primer is a MUST! 

Specifically for all of my eyeshadow lovers, EYE PRIMER should be your best friend. It is a match made in heaven with every eyeshadow you own and you will look 10X's better long after you have left the house. 

It is no secret that humans have no control over their blinking and that action happens constantly. That constant movement will affect your EYESHADOWS, essentially taking a little piece of it away with each blink. There are some brands that have high pigment EYESHADOWS that can withstand the constant eye movement without fading, but if your shadow needs some help to extend its wear I URGE you to get an eye primer. 

There are tons on the market so feel free to experiment and find the one that fits you, your makeup bag, and your budget accordingly! 

And if your anything like me and love to experiment , try using cream EYESHADOWS  (without tons of shimmer or glitter) as eye primers! Th e possibilities are endless!! 

Here are some of my faves: 

MAC 24 hour eye base

MAC Paint Pots (Painterly #1 choice)

Urban Decay Primer Potion 

Benefit Stay Don't Stray primer 

MUFE Eye Primer 

Happy Eye Primer shopping !!!

Until next time...!

Stay pretty 💋

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