#PPOTW Neutrogena Body Oil: If I could drink it I would...

How do I feel about keeping skin moisturized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, for every year that a person is granted to live?!?!?!

Hmmmmmmm....Let's see..... It is by far the single most important act you can do to show yourself and the rest of the world just how much you literally care about the SKIN you are IN!

My Pretty Product of the Week made the cut NOT because it adds a radiant glow to your FACE, but because it will do just that and more for your BODY! This product not only moisturizes and hydrates your body immediately and overtime, but it gives your skin the softest touch, radiant glow, and not a greasy or oily application. Your skin will love it and absorb it in easily. You have to try it.

The NEUTROGENA BODY OIL is my must have item for the FALL/WINTER (but don't let it go when the Sun comes back out to play. You will love the alternative to heavy lotions)!

I discovered this prodcut on one of my random trips to BJ'S and decided to give it a try becauase at the time, it was m

With the change in season from Summer to Fall, I do like to feel a bit more LAYERED. To get my skin to feel and look the way I want, I just add a little of the Neutrogena Body Oil into my lotion of choice for the day and VOILA, I am smooth sailing. I come up with new combinations weekly and my body reaps all the benefits.

Need I say more, go grab this baby before its all gone. It is sold at all major retailers but of course buying in bulk will last you months. Happy shopping!

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