PUCKER up to this GODSEND! Scrub the day away every night!

What I am about to tell you is 1000000000000% my honest opinion.

I guarantee it is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

The below product is by far ......

The best $3 bucks I have ever spent..... EVER!

This little baby is easy on the pockets and

takes such good care of your lips!

Now I have to be honest, when my lips would split and get all crusty and flaky (especially after a day of all wear 8 hr matte lipstick) I would either A) just give them a little scrub with my toothbrush ** I know I know I know, I was young and dumb and didn't respect my kissers ) or B) nibble on them profusely until a new layer of skin emerged...SENSITIVE of course, but NEW SKIN nonetheless.

There is a better way people! And it won't break your pockets! This exfoliator is super compact and easy to travel with and it is gentle enough to be used numerous times throughout the week!

Remember to use it on damp lips... STRESS on the word DAMP. If you use it on dry lips you won't be getting the happy experience you are destined to have.

So get out there, grab your exfoliators, and get ready to feel how smooth your lips can be despite the weather!

Thank me later and updated your beauty bag NOW!

Sold at: TARGET, RICKYS, ELF STUDIO (Broadway in Noho)

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