This is one White Powder we ALL can love! Don't be afraid of this product in the beauty aisle!

Fall into fall with one of my MAKEUP BAG MUST HAVES!!!

The Makeup Forever HD Microfinish setting powder is amazing for keeping your makeup in check all day and controlling surface oil without DRYING OUT your skin!

It is TALC free to forget looking Grey or Ashy and it is SILICA based so you are sure to look silky smooth with a DIME sized amount!

The full size ($34) will last you YEARS! I am literally still using mine from 2010 NO LIE!

The half size is only $15 and packs the same punch!

You can also use it on your lipsticks to turn any shade into a matte texture for 8 + hours of wear!

Get yours today!

Sold at Makeup Forever locations in Soho and Union Sq. and all Sephoras!

Tell them Whitney Rae sent you!

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