BARGAIN BEAUTY! NYX cosmetics Extreme Blue liquid liner

Okay so, I walked by Ricky's in SOHO maybe 750 times before truly taking the time to see all that it had to offer. From the window it struck me as a costume store (must've been Halloween) and I am not into dress up....yet lol

One day I decided to go in and check out NYX cosmetics because my IG was buzzing with their products left and right.

Little did I know, I was walking into my destiny. I found the love of my liquid liner life just sitting on a shelf waiting for me to claim it. THIS EXTREME BLUE liner makes my eyes POPPPPPPP!!!! When I want something minimal but effective this liner always comes to the rescue!

Then to make matters more amazing , it is only $4!! Bargain beauty at its best!

I also picked up EXTREME PURPLE as well. Both colors do wonders on brown skin, but by nature look great on most skin tones.

From the outside Ricky's can be intimidating with its size and array of products from Angel wings to blistex, but dare to go in! You will find something you didn't know you couldn't live without!

Thank me later!


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