***Black Dahlia makes her Debut***

I know I am an emotional person and I move off of my feelings all the time...but it is really becoming more prevelant with the changing seasons. The weather forecast literally predicts my makeup look for that day.

Today is kinda blah and there is not one ounce of sun in the sky. I have a dinner party to attend later and I am planning out my look in my head. Definitely a jeans and button down type of a day and my makeup will most likely goes as follows....

I predict:

  • Grey eyeshadow/black cat eye/ softer brow

  • No false lashes (I know I know , giving my lids a break)

  • A deep colored lip...

I have to remind myself to put on colors that are just sitting in my drawers waiting for their chance to shine. Sometimes I forget what I bought and I end up wearing the same 4 colors all the time.

Tonight's focus will definitely be my lip and I will use the OCC (Obsessive Cumpulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tar Stained Gloss in *Black Dahlia*. The color is insanely deep, very Maleficent-ish (if your into Disney like I am). I never go this deep in color but man this color was CALLING MY NAME the second we locked eyes! I had to have it!!!!

Bottom line is ...the less sun in the sky the less color on my eyes and the more color on my lip. That's just the way they cookie crumbles.

What do you think of this look?

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