MUST HAVE!! Micro/Mini Peel Starter Kit

I cannot stress to you how much SKINCARE means to GREAT MAKEUP!

One cannot work without the other. It's like spaghetti and meatballs, brownies and ice cream, or peanut butter and jelly.

If your skin is not in the best condition it possibly can be, don't even think your makeup is going to do anything for you.

You must use a good skincare routine daily to maintain your MUG!!

Basic routine:

Cleanser/toner, Moisturizer (daily)

Exfoliator ( weekly or bi weekly depending on the skin sensitivity)

TREATMENT (1x a week or bi weekly )

Ole Henriksen's Mini/Micro peel is an AMAZING treatment that includes an exfoliator as well!!! Multi-use products are the best!

It is a quick 3 step treatment that I use once/twice a month to give my face the BOOST it needs. I wear a lot of makeup yes, but even if you don't, treating the skin is a benefit we all need.

'his three step treatment is designed to enhance and renew the skin with nature's most powerful extracts. Almond polish emulates the benefits of a microdermabrasion with oat kernel flour, bamboo stem powder, honey, orange peel and almond to refine skin to smooth perfection. Lemon strip emulates the benefits of an acid peel with lactic and glycolic acid, orange and lemon extracts to reveal a refreshed and refined complexion. Chamomile comfort soothes the skin after the more active treatment steps with bisabolol, borage seed and evening primrose oils. -Ole Henriksen

This is the equivalent of going to a SPA and getting a full out treatment that can run you a few hundred dollars. This kit is a fraction of that cost and the pay off is the same. Only difference is, YOUR IN COMPLETE CONTROL of your skin.

Give your skin the treat it deserves! Bring the spa home to you !!

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