Highlight VS. Contour

Okay.... Let's talk about this now

HIghlighting and Contouring are GREAT techniques used to add light, lift, shadow or depth to a canvas or face.

It is a skill to MASTER for the pros, but still an easy technique for the day to day woman or man to pull of as well.

It doesn't have to be as intense as it seems. Everything is simple once broken down right?


For starters, HIGHLIGTING and CONTOURING is not necessary for daily wear makeup! I REPEAT... IT IS NOT NECESSARY!

I don't want you to think because this is the lastest HOT TOPIC that you cannot go on with your usual routine any longer.

I tend to do basic highlighting by using lighter concealers and foundations around my eyebrows, under my eyes, the center of my forhead and down my nose.

Contouring I use a darker foundation/concealer/powder (depending on the day) under my cheek bone, along the sides of my nostrils, and slightly above my ear moving towards my hairline.

An easy way to think of it is like so...

HIGHLIGHT: Comes from the center of the face outward

CONTOUR: shapes the face around the perimeter


1. Don't over think it or over do it with the color choices

2. Just remember, the lighter you go for a highlight the more dramatic your look will be

3. You must EQUALLY balance it with a CONTOUR or else you will look like an ALIEN!

Any questions, leave your comments below and check out my RAW FOOTAGE page for my highlight vs. contour pics

Stay Pretty...

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