I have been into eye shadows for a while now but never really a cut crease look.

This is my SUMMER trend for sure! It is so much fun and man oh man am I loving the look it gives my eyes.

If you don't know a CUT CREASE is defined by the "Urban Dictionary" as:

When applying eye shadow only in either the natural crease or drawing a line (cutting) just above the crease, very defined and sharp, creating a separation between the actual lid and the upper eye area then blending that line outward towards the brow. This also can make your lid appear bigger making the eyes seem bigger.

That definition is exactly what it does for my eye! I don't have much of a natural crease so this technique really helps widen and open my eyes.

The products used for this are listed here:


1. INGLOT eyeliner gel #94 on the lid as a primer

2. MAC eye pencil in ENGRAVED use to create the cut crease

3. CARBON eyeshadow from MAC blended on top of ENGRAVED towards the brow

4. SATIN TAUPE eyeshadow from MAC on eyelid under crease

5. INGLOT eyeliner gel #77 (sent from the GAWDS) on the lash line

6. ORB eyeshadow from MAC brow highlight

7. Double KISS lashes on top : Individual lashes under eye ( Found in the beauty supply store)


1. MAKEUP FOREVER *MUFE* SPF 50 moisturizer/primer all over

2. FIT foundation MAYBELLINE on the face. #315 used for a highlight under eye and in the T-zone: #355 all over the face

3. STUDIO FIX poweder MAC in NW-45 to set

4. MUFE matte eyeshadow #164 used to contour nose and cheekbones

5. MUFE matte eyeshadow # 58 used a blush

6. MAC FIX + spray to finish the look

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